Greetings all, my name is Brian Hawkins. Born abroad in Germany May of 1986, my father moved us back stateside the following year. He was an intelligence officer in the army and the late period of the cold war had him stationed overseas. Bemidji State was my parents Alma mater and I suppose this seemed like a nice place to return to. With exception of two early years in school, I have lived in Bemidji near the entirety of my life, and despite some travel, it never really wears on me to go. I like it here. I have two children, boys, age three and five, who will perhaps become the occasional topic of their own. There is an undeniable change that occurs when you become a parent, your life is embedded into another, it is if nothing else remarkable. My other interest include hockey, mostly playing I am not a big fan of professional sports. My major is English education so books are certainly a love, but too I am a product of my generation and love film and video games as well. That is in general a sketch of myself, and a start to this process, good luck to all my classmates, I’m hoping we all have a good bit of fun. TaTa.


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