In many ways this blog is a point of embarkment, a step for me, in a direction unknown. To begin, despite being a technologically inclined generation X’r, I have never owned a twitter account, never blogged and in generally never really been into keeping a journal. I really struggle with the idea of formulating casual thoughts onto a page. More so I have a hard time seeing the merit of a digitally distributed journal, which if I am being candid, is admittedly , a likely incorrect assessment of blogging. However, I took this weblogs and wiki’s class with the intention of reversing my stance through education on the subject, finding some common ground where I can appreciate, and hopefully utilize the value of this median. My goal is to provide authentic reactions and inquiries into topical issues, some personally inspired and some inspired by social factors. Ultimately I hope to further develop my voice in a larger social atmosphere, a skill which will benefit my career as an educator. On a personal level I simply hope to provide for at least the length of a semester, an authentic culmination of thoughts and reactions. I believe in making the most of what you have available, and certainly this applies to blogging. So with that i bid adieu, to the end of a post, and the beginning of a blog, may it be a most fruitful journey.

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“The Crane Classic Edition” flickr photo by HousingWorksPhotos shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


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