The boot camp process for creating a word press blog and linking the various social accounts was an informative and generally an easily self guided experience.  While I certainly think there is more to be learned primarily through experience on the options available through word press, this was a good entry experience which left me feeling comfortable navigating the program. The concepts surrounding CC’s in regard to intellectual property and movements rooted free information principles, were enlightening in regards to how blogging plays a larger role in human interaction. In the interactions with fellow classmates I found vindication in the concept of social networking as an organic process as several comments were helpful to issues i had either not thought of or was looking to find a solution for. RSS, widgets and customization’s were one aspect to developing a personality on a page. However, it ultimately seems that developing content which is informed, and connected to larger communities which is the true value to blogging.

Boot Camp Post List:

First Blog Post

Conceptual Outline

Positive Ways to Utilize Blogging

Free Culture Movement

RSS Feeds and Placing the CC Copy Write


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