While I chose to focus on the ethical application and social applications of blogging, I was encouraged to see a wide variety of focus topics within the class. I really think that everyone who mentioned the versatility of blogging in serving both the creator and community, was absolutely correct to point that out. Discourse can be any topic so long as two are involved, and generally that for me describes the value of blogging (at least public blogging), it opens conversations. That said, It certainly stands to reason that this comes with some inherent responsibilities. This link on blogging ethics outlines some reasonable (at least in my opinion) guidelines. Mainly it is an example of what blogging with ethical integrity can look like. I would like to say that blogging is a simple definition, and perhaps as a function it really is. It simply requires some time and a little ambition to Blog. However, perhaps the more difficult task is placing a qualitative value to your blog, or another’s for that matter. I certainly would be the last to suggest that I could judge another’s content, but I do know that I can judge my own. To that end I think that blogging must be disciplined, must be informed, and most of all, it must be honest to yourself.

** Image Credit: “Searching….Question Mark?” flickr photo by BoredWithACamera https://flickr.com/photos/mleung311/9468927282 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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