The advent of the world wide web introduced seemingly endless possibilities and applications. If anyone remembers the chat rooms of dial up AOL, social media has been a part of the experience nearly the entire time. In many ways blogging represents the transition from unregulated internet echo chambers, to an attempt to bring the art of conversation back. However, this is only one aspect of an ethical blog as many of my classmates demonstrated. Perhaps one of the more personally influential posts was letsmapthisout’s article on what does it mean to be a blogger, the concept of self marketing through blogging has clearly become reality. I tend to agree with Tony’s thoughts on blogging in the sense that it seems best served as a community who share interests and information freely and ethically. That said, it wouldn’t be sensible to dismiss the obvious career options blogging now provides, and with it the dread pirate marketing. As the articles by Rettberg and Blood seemed to indicate, opportunities carry with them responsibilities. In the case of social media, and its business potentials, there is no reason to make any exceptions. Certainly restraint is often called for, perhaps now more than ever. Yet it seems reasonable to think that ethical blogging is nonrestrictive to creative expression, it best serves discourse, and as a marketing platform it does offer individuals a legitimate means of employment. It is apparent that blogging and social media are expanding in our current times, and these first few weeks have given me reassurance that this course was a good choice in our modern world. Certainly for its application as a teaching professional, but also because blogging affords an authentic opportunity to expand my social spheres and global perspectives.

What is a blog?

The Peek-A-Boo world of a global villager

But.. where have the ethics gone?


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