For myself , this weeks tasks to be difficult. I am not a visually expressive individual, I prefer to observe pictures rather than take them. When it comes to traditional visual arts like drawing, I both lack practice and talent. Therefore pictures of me are slim, non being much more then an anecdotal expression, which I suppose is really what I took from the readings.

Rhettberg sought to define a distinction between representation and depiction, and really came to a non distinctive conclusion. Yet she hits on the core of what I myself find difficult to keep a perspective of. That despite the tendency to view internet portraiture as representative or a presentation (in the “not authentic” sense, selfies’ maintain artistic integrity through the general nature of the audience being addressed. Words, pictures, post, images, provide means for the poster to be observed on many social levels simultaneously. In this way the rhetorical construction is holistically observed and through social response maintains the perspective of the individual behind the representation.

Portrait 2

Portrait of I/Me


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