Positive Ways to Utilize Blogging

Social media is something that I both have great admiration for its potential, and feelings less savory for its baser uses. Part of why I am taking weblogs and wikis as a college course, is that I hope to develop a better sense for the positive and effective ways social media can help me as a prospective high school educator. I found the linked article interesting in its approach to blogging as an educational tool. As well I agreed with the presented argument that blogging creates connections between parents, teachers and students. Along with Dr. Morgans articles on the Day Book (article1, article2), I am compelled to reverse my prior skepticism of blogging as it possess clear value as an organic network. Certainly a refreshingly humane alternative to our increasingly automated lives.

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Why Teachers Should Be Blogging… (Bruder, Patricia, 2013)


Conceptual outline

In many ways this blog is a point of embarkment, a step for me, in a direction unknown. To begin, despite being a technologically inclined generation X’r, I have never owned a twitter account, never blogged and in generally never really been into keeping a journal. I really struggle with the idea of formulating casual thoughts onto a page. More so I have a hard time seeing the merit of a digitally distributed journal, which if I am being candid, is admittedly , a likely incorrect assessment of blogging. However, I took this weblogs and wiki’s class with the intention of reversing my stance through education on the subject, finding some common ground where I can appreciate, and hopefully utilize the value of this median. My goal is to provide authentic reactions and inquiries into topical issues, some personally inspired and some inspired by social factors. Ultimately I hope to further develop my voice in a larger social atmosphere, a skill which will benefit my career as an educator. On a personal level I simply hope to provide for at least the length of a semester, an authentic culmination of thoughts and reactions. I believe in making the most of what you have available, and certainly this applies to blogging. So with that i bid adieu, to the end of a post, and the beginning of a blog, may it be a most fruitful journey.

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About Me

Greetings all, my name is Brian Hawkins. Born abroad in Germany May of 1986, my father moved us back stateside the following year. He was an intelligence officer in the army and the late period of the cold war had him stationed overseas. Bemidji State was my parents Alma mater and I suppose this seemed like a nice place to return to. With exception of two early years in school, I have lived in Bemidji near the entirety of my life, and despite some travel, it never really wears on me to go. I like it here. I have two children, boys, age three and five, who will perhaps become the occasional topic of their own. There is an undeniable change that occurs when you become a parent, your life is embedded into another, it is if nothing else remarkable. My other interest include hockey, mostly playing I am not a big fan of professional sports. My major is English education so books are certainly a love, but too I am a product of my generation and love film and video games as well. That is in general a sketch of myself, and a start to this process, good luck to all my classmates, I’m hoping we all have a good bit of fun. TaTa.